Lagavulin Distillery – Island of Islay, Scotland

Lagavulin Distillery - Island of Islay, Scotland

Nestled in a bay on the southern coast of Islay, the Lagavulin distillery is a top destination for whiskey enthusiasts. The trek to reach the distillery is just as charming as the distillery itself. After crossing miles and miles of rich mossy grasslands (home of Islay’s peat), you will reach a formidable, yet attractive bright white structure. Within this structure lies the operation that generates the liquid gold we call Lagavulin.

       Though a rather small operation, the Lagavulin distillery has become world-renowned in recent years. A $40 tour and warehouse demonstration will allow visitors to learn how this historic distillery came to be and the flavor profiles that make up its unique foundation.

       Warehouseman Iain McArthur enthusiastically demonstrates the aging processes and provides samples of the rarest malts the distillery ages. After completion of the tour, guests are encouraged to freely explore the perimeters of the property and enjoy the waterfront pier that stretches out into the namesake’s bay.

       For whiskey enthusiasts, this distillery is a symbol for peated scotch and simply cannot be missed. For those new to the whiskey world, it’s a picturesque island getaway and an informative journey into the history of peated scotch.