Maker’s Mark Distillery

Maker's Mark Distillery

Secluded, winding, backcountry roads through Highway 52 lead to one of the most prominent bourbon distilleries in the U.S. Tucked away in Kentucky’s famous “Bourbon Trail” lies Maker’s Mark distillery in the town of Loretto.

       At first glimpse, the building that the distillery operates in seems rather compact for its production output. Yet in the distant background, you can see its almost endless property lines. After passing the visitor center, you walk out onto the distillery’s operational grounds and are struck by the unique black and red colors of the buildings. The sweet smell of open fermentation carries you through the rest of the tour. The next sensory experience takes you to the rack houses, where thousands of barrels of bourbon slowly age for around six years. Maker’s Mark is one of the leading bourbon producers in the U.S. It’s truly an amazing feat that such a widely distributed bourbon can be produced in such a calm and serene environment.

      Long story short, visiting this distillery is a right of passage for any bourbon enthusiast. The friendly staff will make you feel at home and overwhelm you with their hospitality. Don’t forget to drop by the distillery shop and dip your own Maker’s Mark bottle in the legendary red wax.