Tag: Kentucky Bourbon

Michter’s Small Batch Bourbon

Michter's Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon - 45.7% ABV Color: CopperNose/Aroma: Fresh leather, hints of star anise.Palate: Orange peel, toffee, oak.Finish: Well balanced and smooth finish of oak, citrus, and tobacco.Long…
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Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon - 45.2% ABV Color: Light amberNose/Aroma: Caramel, ripe banana, vanilla.Palate: Spicy, cinnamon, honey.Finish: Oak, leather, and spice, with a long lasting honey dew taste.Long story short:…
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Trader Joe’s Kentucky Bourbon

Trader Joe's Kentucky Bourbon Straight Whiskey - 45% ABV Color: MahoganyNose/Aroma: Oak and rose water.Palate: Honeydew and crème brulee.Finish: Short, smooth, sweet oak and vanilla.Long story short: This Buffalo Trace…
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